Landlords Guide

Are you a landlord in Kingswood, Bristol? Property Indeed offers expert property management services to maximize your rental investment. We understand that quality matters, and we’re here to help you achieve success as a landlord.

Our comprehensive services include tenant screening, property maintenance, and rent collection, ensuring your peace of mind. Trust our experienced team to take care of your property while you focus on your investments.

Explore our landlord services and get in touch to discuss your property management needs.

Step 1

Property Assessment

It is your most important step. One of our team members will schedule a meeting at your property to discuss and understand your needs as well as value the the property. Valuation is based on many factors like location, number of bedrooms, general state/condition of the property.

Step 2


  • Professional photos taken of your property
  • Advertisement on our website and listing partners
  • Advertisement on our Social Media platforms

Step 3

Formal offer from tenants

Once the prospect tenant confirms the interest in writing, we will pass all the details to you and we will proceed with the reference check.

Step 4

Accept the Tenant

Once all the satifactionary reference check has been made and you accepted the suitable offer, we will provide a formal written confirmation outlining details of the tenancy. At the same time, Tenants will be required to provide necessary documents, Passport/ID or where applicable UK Visa. We will also require a payment of one’s week of rent as a holding deposit.

Step 5

Contract stage

An Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement will be provided for all parties to sign. The tenants will be asked to pay their first month’s rent and the equivalent of a fiveweeks’ rent security deposit. All deposits are protected in a Government approved deposit scheme.

Step 6

Fully property managment with rent guarantee for landlords available