1 in 6 Retirees Choose Renting in Retirement

The housing landscape in the UK is evolving, and retirement is no exception.

Surprisingly, nearly 1 in 6 retirees, totalling 975,230 of the 6.36 million retired households, now opt for private rented accommodation.

Retirees in Kingswood, Bristol, are increasingly turning to rental properties during their golden years, influenced by factors such as rising house prices and the desire for flexibility in later life. While owning a home remains a dream for many in Kingswood, the practical benefits of renting during retirement are gaining traction.

Why Rent?

Renting offers freedom from the burdens of homeownership, allowing retirees in Kingswood to live wherever they choose, whether it’s near family or in their ideal location. Selling a property to rent can also release equity, providing financial security in retirement. Additionally, rental properties often come with the advantage of maintenance being handled by the landlord, relieving retirees of upkeep responsibilities.


However, renting does come with its own set of considerations. Rent prices may be high and could potentially increase over time. The lack of permanence might result in frequent moves, and restrictions on pets could be a concern for retirees who are animal lovers (though many landlords in Kingswood are flexible on this). Furthermore, renting does not contribute to building an asset for one’s financial future.

Making the Decision:

The decision to rent in retirement is deeply personal and depends on individual circumstances and preferences. It involves balancing the desire for flexibility and convenience with the realities of rental costs and security.

For those in Kingswood navigating this decision, Property Indeed is here to assist. With our expertise in the Kingswood property market, we offer tailored advice to help retirees make informed choices that align with their lifestyle and financial goals.

Whether you’re considering renting, selling, or buying, our dedicated team ensures that your retirement housing decisions are made with confidence and clarity.

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